Core Expertise

The Finance & Deals Bureau takes a pragmatic view of the business’s financial objectives by building the bridge between potential and realisation. Intimate industry and market knowledge coupled with strategic advisory and execution insights allows for the Finance and Deals Bureau to provide the following solutions:

Capital Raising Advisory & Facilitation

All businesses require capital to grow

Whether for the purchase of stock or machinery, for the acquisition of larger premises or for the capacitation of staff and personnel, the cost of growth is, ironically, the foremost barrier to growth.

Looking outward to private investors, institutional investors, banks or government agencies and incentive programmes means having these organisations understand what you require funding for, as well as adhering to each of the respective criterion – greatly increasing the chance of securing the required capital.

Black Ticket will advise you on the relevant organisation to engage with, and then ensure that all information requirements are met, with facilitation of the process throughout.

Business Plan Development

Paint the picture investors want to see

Putting together a business plan means more than letting the reader know what you’d like to do and how you’d go about doing it. It means answering the critical questions that potential investors, financiers or stakeholders would ask, and having the information available – in the correct format – to back up your core business idea.

Black Ticket will work with you to extract the necessary information, address specific elements within the business plan, ensure adherence to requirements of target audiences, and compile and ready the document for presentation.

Fund Raising Prospectus Development

Bring your vision to life

Attracting funds for a specific project or venture demands the best possible articulation of the vision behind it.

The prospectus should be able to map out the initial idea or intention, present the case for it and present the right type of opportunity for the reader from both the financial perspective and the logistical side.

Black Ticket will explore the concept, scope it, and then develop and package the prospectus imaginatively to captivate and attract the type of investment and buy-in you require.

Due Diligence & Verification

Have your homework done

In business, there’s no such thing as being too sure. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a company, buying into an opportunity or embarking on a partnership or joint venture, a process of verification should follow to ascertain whether claims are true, prospects are solid, or whether the stated value is fair.

Black Ticket will studiously work through the facts – including raw data, numbers and any available source material – to ascertain and verify the validity of any business deal.

Financial Modelling & Feasibility Analysis

Test your limits

The Financial Modelling and Feasibility Analysis offering serves in various application, considering any number of scenarios for either an existing business or a prospective one when it comes to stress testing and viability.

The exercise proves useful – and influential – in exploring best- and worst-case scenarios for business models, financial projections and the sustainability of opportunities.

Black Ticket’s expert analysts map out the scenarios, consider the context, and make calculated recommendations on where you business should or shouldn’t go next.

Mergers & Acquisition Facilitation

Find a middle ground

The process involved in growing a business through mergers or acquisitions can be long-winded and painful.

It often helps to have a third party – free of bias and undue influence – to facilitate the merger or acquisition and ensure that a middle path is forged and there is a neutral space in which to negotiate and execute the transaction.

Black Ticket will serve as the intermediary in such cases, offering advisory, consultation, and mediation services to both parties.

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