Core Expertise

Black Ticket’s historical core lies in branding and marketing, where it has serviced and continues to service both independent and corporate companies with strategy-infused marketing services. This Bureau considers the effort of branding and marketing in its entirety, providing holistic and effective solutions that speak directly to your business as it takes on the market as a brand.

Brand Building and Advisory

Consider, then conceive

Branding for your business should mean much more than a logo, slogan or a sign above the door. Building a sustainable brand means considering what the business wants to do, where it wants to go, how it it aims to get there, and finally, how this manifests itself in branding and marketing.

Brand building and consulting was the pillar around which Black Ticket was built with a simple formula – ascertaining the heights the business wants to reach, strategising the role its brand has to play, and then presenting the building blocks to get there.

Marketing Plans and Systems

Plan your attack

Establishing a marketing plan and system is an often neglected step in the marketing process. Having a plan or system to support your marketing ensures that an idea or marketing concept has a place to live that inspires cohesion, consistency, follow-through, and above all, effective implementation that yields meaningful results.

The Black Ticket marketing plan delivers a blueprint for all marketing and related efforts of your business that critically looks takes into account budget, channels, messaging, return, and most importantly, the system to support it.

Brand Asset Development

Develop and deploy

Black Ticket doesn’t consider the design and development of a brand’s logo and collateral to be purely aesthetic. Our brand strategists and in-house design team is able to cultivate and produce a brand that fits the business, both in style and objective.

Black Ticket is able to provide you with the branding, content and structure of marketing material necessary to launch and run a brand with assets such as a business logo, company profile, trade presenter or catalogue, website, and a range of marketing-related collateral designed to take your business to the next level.

Marketing Campaign Management

Engage and impact

Too often, great marketing and ideas are lost in the chaos of choosing the correct channel, adapting and applying the message, and implementing it as a consolidated and effective marketing campaign.

In the absence of an in-house, full-time marketing team to plan, manage, and implement a campaign, Black Ticket will serve as an outsourced, professional and qualified marketing department that will execute a marketing plan or work towards a specific marketing objective. Our marketing team will ensure that the relevant channels are confirmed, address technical concerns, and provide analytics and reports for all marketing efforts involved.

Sales & Marketing Integration

Hit your target

Whilst developing a marketing plan and creating the tools to carry it out places your sales team in the best possible position to attract sales, a vital step in the marketing process is to ensure that a business’s sales team is using the tools effectively.

Black Ticket will analyse existing sales systems and processes, and then assist with and implement a system that sets targets, tracks leads and customer interactions and increasing conversion rates. Our team will further explore technologies and solutions for the system and, if needed, provide monitoring and support services to maintain the momentum.

New Market Research

Explore and expand

Businesses often look to marketing and sales to expand their range or reach in the market – a process that is necessary, but is also daunting due to uncertainty or a lack of knowledge surrounding the market and its associated opportunities and threats.

Whether introducing an entirely new product range, launching existing products in a new territory, or exploration of export opportunities, Black Ticket’s team implements a research-backed approach to access new markets, ensuring all related-decisions are thoroughly informed by identifying and ascertaining appetite and opportunity from the audiences and markets concerned.

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