Core Expertise

The Operations and Management Bureau appeals to companies wanting to streamline and optimise their businesses to points of efficiency that can’t be realised from the inside alone. The offering Black Ticket presents is wholly unique in that it considers the business in its entirety – building solutions that fit into the strategy of the business as well as the factors that drive sustainable and profitable growth.

Business Process Optimisation

For a smoother business journey

Optimizing a business process requires more effort than simply purchasing new software. It requires taking a critical look at an organization’s operations and minimizing the resources required to get things done

Black Ticket’s team is adept at engaging with independent businesses in particular, to seek clarity on the strategy and vision for the company, align the company’s resources, and implement or modify processes that ensure maximum output from limited resources.

Organisational Structure

Define roles and responsibilities

In order to operate optimally and effectively, even the most established businesses must have a clear structure that defines the roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and expectations of people within the organisation.

The Operations & Management Bureau work closely with the business to understand its current structure, and works to determine how inefficiencies and misallocations of resources can be corrected. Our team then produces a structure that determines and explains reporting lines, task management systems and how roles can be managed and overseen from a senior level.

Internal Systems & Controls

Keep a tight rein on operations

The systems and controls of a business are the pillars on which its success is built and replicated. Implementing fitting systems and controls in a business fosters a culture of accountability and diligence, and ultimately, improved management of all operations.

Black Ticket takes a critical look at all existing systems and control measures, and gauges how effective they are against the goals and objectives of the business. We then tailor and establish improved controls that can be easily understood, executed, managed and monitored by both employees and senior management charged with overseeing the organisation.

Internal Policies & Procedures

For clarity and control

Many complications and obstacles in the smooth running of a business occur because of a lack of formalised and stated policies and procedures that guide the day-to-day work of employees. Clear explanations and procedures of how employees should carry out their respective tasks creates stability and consistency upon which a business can be built.

Black Ticket’s team understands that the process of creating policies and guidelines can be as unique as the business itself. Our teams therefore work closely with management to appreciate the values and objectives of the company, and then articulate and produce policies and procedures that are simple, clear, and understood by the intended audience.

Internal Reporting

Know what’s happening in your business

Internal reports can serve a business in providing critical information, and if done correctly, as a means of serving as a powerful efficiency, risk management and productivity-enhancing tool.

Black Ticket’s system analysts will make sure you’re always looking for and collecting the right information, sensibly presented and on time, without having to ask for it. We’ll also make sure that your reporting structures are carefully engineered to facilitate the flow of information optimally.

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The Black Ticket Business Bureau is a hybrid of the traditional consultancy and the modern creative agency, with a focus in:

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