Core Expertise

Black Ticket’s strategy and advisory team works with the client to develop and more importantly, implement strategies that facilitate change and evolution through sustainable models, clear metrics and an optimisation of resources.

Business Strategy

For the broadest business view

Black Ticket will provide you with a position from which you can consider what you’d like to do with your business, where you’d like to take, and even what the business is or should be.

The development of a business strategy allows you to change your perspective by going back to the drawing board to consolidate or take stock of all the knowledge, experience and ambitions for the business, and then creating a plan and strategy for how to move the business forward or in another direction.

The business strategy we facilitate and assist in developing takes the most strategic view of all facets of the business, and creates an execution plan for every division and component within it.

Expansion & Growth Strategy

For assured augmentation

Black Ticket helps focus your view when looking forward by critically assessing and formalising any plans aimed at expanding or growing your business.

Our strategists will assist with providing research and supporting information and that will explore the expansion and put you in the best position to make a decision.

We will then ensure that your ambition to grow is met with a definitive strategy that creates tangible objectives, sets milestones and has a solid platform to launch itself from – long before any action is taken.

Brand Strategy

For better use of your brand

Black Ticket’s brand strategy offering creates for a business a clear and precise vision for the business of how its brand will deliver distinctive and relevant benefits to target customers.

The product is a blend of critical research and creative influence in carefully considering the brand from a strategic and aesthetic perspective, and developing a strategy that is able to leverage the brand in the pursuit of the business’s objectives.

Our brand strategy can define the market, design products and product architectures, create messaging approaches and tactics, suggest media channels for use, and ultimately implement a brand narrative that the business can use to its strategic advantage.

Marketing Strategy

For efficiency and effective results

Black Ticket will ensure that your marketing strategy delivers on all your marketing goals and objectives by thorough research, planning and an in-depth consideration of your brand position and assets.

Businesses often lack a formal marketing strategy that is able to bridge the gap between marketing goals and marketing spend and usage. The strategy serves to provide a cost-effective disbursement of spend based on metrics and research, whilst also considering the potential return – monetary or otherwise – on any marketing efforts.

The marketing strategy is a fully-articulated document that can be used at an executive level to justify marketing efforts, but also a brief and guideline for marketing suppliers and vendors to ensure that the objective is understood and met.

Sales Strategy

For a slick sales system

Black Ticket produces a tailored sales strategy for your business that comprises a plan that both positions the brand or product to gain a competitive advantage and equip the sales team with the knowledge and collateral to effectively carry out their sales objectives.

Our team engages with sales management and personnel to create a focus and a process for carrying out sales with the right tools, approach and overall system – whether for direct or indirect sales efforts.

The sales strategies we develop also analyses sales goals and cycles, implements sales techniques and incentive programmes, and provides reporting structures and controls for the sales team at large.

Digital Strategy

For a differential digital plan

Black Ticket develops digital strategies that transform online tools and brand presence in the digital sphere into useable and beneficial assets for the business.

Together with the Bureau’s technology team, our strategists will consider the business and its offering in the context of the digital space, ascertaining its potential and reach via digital capabilities and innovation.

The digital strategy will then create a digital eco-system for the business that houses assets such as a website, e-commerce tools, social media and CRM functions, with a plan for roll-out and management.

New Business Development Strategy

For before the beginning of a business

Black Ticket assists fledgling or established businesses launch new businesses by developing an exhaustive development strategy that looks at all the angles of the business.

A new business idea may be sound in principle, but our team will consider all aspects of the business before it launches by exploring the environment, the market and the context of the business, and the feasibility and viability of the model against it. Once this is ascertained, we will also interrogate and help develop the business’s positioning, its USPs, and its entry into the market – both from a theoretical and logistical perspective.

The new business development strategy is a unique blend of items and deliverables, depending on the business at hand, but will deliver a comprehensive understanding that is aimed at limiting potential risk and maximising effect.

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