Core Expertise

Black Ticket uncomplicates the complex with its Technology Bureau, which looks at digital capabilities as an asset and a tool for success for the business, now and in the future. The division’s advisory and consulting – and in some cases, development – services help clients build and maintain systems that expedite business strategies, but also optimise budgets and reduce costs.

Data Mining & Analysis

Turning knowledge into success

Any business owner knows that the key to succeeding in a competitive market is gathering – and reacting to – knowledge from their business and the market. In some cases, there are no systems to collect internal or external data, whilst at other times, the data is available, but hasn’t been mined and considered in broader contexts of the business.

Black Ticket’s approach is to mine and analyse any and all relevant data through to extract patterns and information that can be used to benefit the business by exploiting opportunities, optimising resources, or improving margins.

Website Development

Make the migration online

The online world provides both fledgling and established businesses with a realm of almost unlimited potential for growth, expansion, and access. Launching a website has to, therefore, mean more than creating an online presence, but rather a sustainable platform that has all the necessary functionalities and capabilities to benefit the business.

The Technology Bureau sees the process as one that links a business to its online potential in the best possible way, with develop, design, and practices that can yield the best possible results. Our team specialises in e-commerce sites, but also excel at creating custom websites for service-based businesses that want to reach new or extended markets.

App Development

From idea to (app) store

A well-conceived app can have many valuable applications for a business and can transform the capabilities. Whether to aid the sales process, to boost engagement, or simply to add a fresh dimension to the business, the success of investment in an app relies on how well the idea is executed and presented.

Black Ticket helps take the app from idea to concept, through the design phase, and into the hands of custom developers. Our teams also assist in the launch, marketing, and management of the app – all the while ensuring that you never get caught up and lost in the technical jargon associated with the industry.

Digital Platform Development

Bringing it all together

Black Ticket considers the digital space in which a company exists an eco-system that requires a well-thought-out structure that maximises its effect and gains the highest possible returns on investment.

Our Technology teams will ensure that the setting up of a website, the use of SEO, the establishment of social media, or the implementation of a host of associated digital platform functions, isn’t done in isolation, but according to a plan that delivers a fully-cohesive system that makes for easy use and yields desired results.

Digital Platform Management

Maintaining your digital assets

Owners that have committed their businesses to the digital space often have to juggle their attention between the running of the business and the maintenance and management of the assets and systems implemented.

Black Ticket serves as an outside administrator and supervisor of the digital platforms of a business by ensuring that all the parts of the system are running smoothly, managing queries and glitches, analysing results, and most importantly, delivering on the objectives of the digital dimension of the business.

CRM, Sales & Marketing Systems

Give your teams the right tools

In addition to having the right sales team and mix, it’s imperative that businesses have equally strong and robust systems to support their teams in the field. Developing the right type of systems, software and processes will give your sales and marketing teams the assets they need to support, motivate and equip them to carry out their functions effectively.

The Technology Bureau carefully considers the needs of the business before assisting with, choosing, and then setting up the right technology and systems to aid with customer interactions, engaging with potential clients, and transforming marketing into sales.

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