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In all the time Black Ticket has been active, there’s never been an occasion where a client has been stuck for ideas on what they would like to do next.

It’s a hallmark of any businessperson worth his or her mettle that their fingers are constantly on the pulse and their eyes gazing from time to time at the horizon. Seeking out the next big thing is what businesses with appetite are great at.

But the gap between next and now is, more often than not, pretty vast.

Whilst the ideas – especially amongst local companies that are fairly stable and established – are always on the owner’s to-do list, there’s never any time or resources to actually make it happen.

Acting on Opportunity

Ironically, the inability to turn thought into action is hampered by the day-to-day demands – making the business that requires innovation the biggest roadblock to its own progress.

Black Ticket has predominantly serviced members of the Muslim community – people who have, for the most part of their careers, committed themselves to their businesses in a very big way.

And whilst they may be established, successful, and seasoned in their approach, the ability to pivot slightly (or greatly) to act on an opportunity or vision requires attention and focus that the business owner can’t afford.

And yet, the ideas are still there. And that has to mean something.

There is always opportunity for change – big or small. All it takes is a little time, effort, and a fresh approach independent of the existing business.

Exploring New Frontiers

The other factor that rears its ugly head is that of fear. The majority of businesses that we’ve dealt with have stuck to doing one thing or playing in one industry. As has been seen with a number of businesses passed down from generation to generation, reliance on one industry or form of trade can be dangerous.

But history is littered with examples of new ideas and directions of thought that has led to massive success.

Before Nokia became a giant in telecommunications, they were a paper mill. Before Wrigley began selling chewing gum and sweets, they sold soaps and baking powder. Tiffany and Co. dealt in stationery before they became famed for jewellery. Lamborghini made tractors before they made luxury cars.

These examples might not be directly relatable to most local business people – perhaps because they don’t desire such a tremendous change – but each of the stories speaks to a shift in thinking, a refusal to adhere to the confines of their industry, and the exploration of their ideas.

Each story will also tell the tale of limited resources, hostile environments and a host of naysayers along the way – factors not unknown to aspiring business people on the ground.

Get Going with Your Idea

The stories will also reveal that the only way to work through an innovative idea is to meet it head-on with purpose, drive and above all, a plan.

And that’s where Black Ticket’s Ideas Bureau comes in.
We trust the gut instincts and ideas of the clients we work with, and work towards ratifying the idea based on research and data.

We borrow the same commitment that the client has for his or her business, and channel it to develop a concept and model that can worked towards.

We take the same passion and hunger that the client has for the project, and equip the idea with all the tools and objectives it needs to be launched.

As with any project, time, effort and resources are involved, but the first step is always the affirmation of that belief by having a conversation and putting pen to paper to measure and consider the scope, extent and viability of the idea.

And that’s where Black Ticket excels.

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