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Black Ticket began as a specialist marketing consultancy and whilst the company has grown and diversified its offering, marketing still very much remains at our core.

Over the years, we’ve learned much about the nuances that go with what is a very broad and varied field that has different meanings from business to business. For some entrepreneurs, it’s about exposure. For many established companies, it’s about presence and impact. For a few, the understanding of marketing is limited to a few print or digital channels of media such as newspaper ads and magazines, or websites and social media.

We’ve worked with businesses and business owners that have had a deep sense of appreciation for the marketing process (with fully-fledged marketing arms and departments), to those that have have had a vague idea of wanting to have some type of marketing tool implemented to boost their sales or turnover.

We All Need Marketing

The consistent factor is that, whether it’s known or not, every business needs marketing in some shape or form.

The question that follows is to what extent does a business need it? Not all companies can afford to establish a marketing function and budget, and even if a company can afford it, where does one start?

Don’t Go with the Flow

Too often, we’ve come across business owners who’ve come across something that either their competitor or colleague has been doing and want to do that as well. If social media, or flyers at a street corner, or a website appears impressive, owners feel that it’s something that they must have immediately.

The effect is two-fold. In most cases, the marketing effort is ill-fitting to the brand or company involved. Whilst it’s trendy to have an Instagram account, is your product really suited to be presented or sold there, amongst food pictures and selfies?

The second is that businesses may not look beyond the mere setting up of the marketing tool, and ignored how it will run and/or fit in with the operations of their businesses. We’ve often been called in to redo or redress the setting up of, for example, a website done by a part-time student on a custom platform, because the website isn’t populated with the right content and doesn’t speak to what’s happening on the ground or in the store.

In all of those cases, there’s been a waste of valuable resources and time, simply because there wasn’t a deeper discussion prior to the project and an implementation of a brand building approach.

Build A Brand

We always tell our clients that, oddly enough, our role as a marketing company is not to market the company, but rather, to build a brand that is viable, sustainable, and then marketable.

Marketing isn’t just about one aspect such as advertising or promotion. It’s about the process that looks intimately and extensively within a company to determine its role in building the business and the brand in unison.

The tools that one sets up – such as logos, websites, social media, and advertisements – are all building blocks that form part of the brand’s structure.

Choosing these tools and how they work therefore becomes an efficient and holistic execution of what the business needs to succeed, and what will shape a brand that audiences, clients, or customers can recognise.

Start Big or Small

Black Ticket assists companies with putting together, managing, and even running brand and marketing strategies, and whilst it may seem a bit intimidating to consider it all at once, it’s a method that will aid the business in the long run.

The trick is to start where your business is comfortable – in a big or small way – but always with the idea in mind that the business needs to think about more than just marketing.

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