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In our experience working with independent companies, we’ve always marvelled at the keen sense of business instinct and appetite owners and entrepreneurs possess.

When presented with a challenge, there’s no shortage of novel ideas. In the face of adversity, there’s always a willingness and determination to move forward. And under the shade of economic pressures and downswings, local Muslim businesses find a way to make the most of a situation, often turning threats into opportunities.

But in a cruel twist, we’ve also found that the factors that make these entrepreneurs succeed are the same factors that ensure that their business doesn’t reach its full potential or evolve beyond what it is currently doing.

The common reason is that, in general, Muslim businesses lack a strategic approach in executing their ideas.

A Strategic Approach

Black Ticket specialises in assisting businesses in areas they need it most, whether it be marketing, operations, technology, or finance. We’ve found that the common denominator at the root of any of these areas requiring attention is that of effective and consistent strategy.

‘Strategy’ can be a bit of a dirty word for most independent business owners, especially when it comes to outside assistance or help. After all, who better to know where a business is going and how it’s going to get there than the business owner himself or herself?

And whilst a wealth of knowledge lies with them, the ability to turn their invaluable experience and insights into a practical strategic plan often requires guidance and something of an outside view.

All-encompassing Strategy

In most cases, we’ve found that in some form, Muslim business owners do have some sort of strategy, whether informal or formal. An owner may have a vision in mind, or may even have gone so far as to spend time speaking about or developing a strategy, but strategies mean nothing without effective implementation at all levels related to it.

We’ve worked with companies that have gone on aggressive marketing drives, for example, aimed at drawing traffic to their goods and services. The strategy would, on the surface, appear sound – the company has appetite for growth and marketing should attract the extra customers to satisfy that appetite.

But strategy and a strategic approach should be pulled through to all departments and be applied to the company holistically.
Does the sales department have the capacity and tools to meet that demand? Will the increased number of queries be dealt with effectively and will the marketing drive – and brand of the company – be at risk if for any reason, the company can’t meet the effects and promises of the marketing campaign?

Every business wants a million people waiting at its door, but this can result in a waste of resources and irreparable damage to the business and brand if the company can’t meet that demand without compromising on service or quality.

In a similar manner, owners and entrepreneurs need to consider all affected parts of their business when developing and implementing a strategy. Knowing how it all fits together is as important as knowing what the objective is.

Perfectly Positioned to Assist

Black Ticket’s experience has put us in a unique position where we’re able to assist these companies with making everything fit together through deeply-considered strategy and a practical approach.

Whether it be optimising processes and efficiencies within departments, venturing into new markets by launching new products, or taking a brick and mortar business online to get into domestic or international markets, Black Ticket will ensure that the effort is not only effectively executed, but that it adheres to the strategic objectives and evolution of the business.

Black Ticket’s Strategy Bureau works with businesses to both develop and implement strategies for Growth, Marketing, Sales and Digital initiatives.

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