Systems your business shouldn’t be doing without

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Since its inception Black Ticket has worked with over a hundred independently-owned businesses of varying ages, industries, sizes and profitability.

In many instances, the nature of our services has allowed us to go in and study these companies at a fundamental level – down to the day-to-day functions and tasks that keep the proverbial cogs turning.

Crucially, what we have noticed is that the most successful of these businesses – in terms of growth, efficiency, stability and sustainability – have all invested heavily in systemisation, delegation of responsibilities and the fostering of a process-driven culture.

This investment has essentially allowed them to progress far beyond the common barriers which restrict so many independently owned businesses from achieving scalable, sustainable growth.

Working in the business rather than on it

It is an all too frequent sight to see a business owner “fighting fires” every day as new issues and challenges arise. Their productivity in terms of moving the business forward is greatly reduced as they tend to these internal tasks – working within the business as one of the cogs, rather than on it as a driver of progress.

More often than not, this is a personal choice due to fear of ceding control. However, business owners who continue to do everything themselves without systemising will inevitably hit a growth ceiling. At some point, there isn’t any more time in the day to work harder or longer.

Systems for stability, reporting and growth

Out of the numerous advantages of adopting a systems and process-driven framework to managing a business, the fundamental benefit we have observed is the stability that systems create – which serves as a platform for growth. Clearly-defined systems and processes allow for task-delegation without worry over whether the task will get done correctly.

They allow for standardised reporting and performance measurement, leading to improved decision making. They allow for operational stability in that new or replacement staff can integrate quickly, and they allow for additional control measures to be implemented in a structured way.

Most importantly, they allow for growth and scale in a sustainable manner, without compromising on service or quality.

Simplicity, consistency, and practicality

Many people incorrectly assume systems must use technology and must be expensive. In fact, the best systems are those that are simple and consistently followed.

A good system in your business may be a common database for all your product vendors, an end-of-day closing checklist, and leave requisition procedures for your staff. Systems like these will help your company operate more smoothly.

In contrast, a broken system (where knowledge of a certain system lies with a single person) or a missing system (where no system or process exists at all), can not only decrease or retard productivity, but can serve as a liability to the business.
Perfectly positioned to assist

Through our collective experience combined with thorough research and an awareness of new technologies available, Black Ticket is in a unique position to assist your business to become systems and process driven. We understand systems and the risk of over-complication and we understand that many businesses have been down this path before only to be disappointed.
We also know that systemisation does not happen overnight and rarely is it a once-off exercise. The most successful businesses are continuously assessing and improving on their systems and processes with partners such as ourselves – a key factor which allows them to stay lean, aware, and competitive.

Whatever our solution, Black Ticket’s Operations & Management Bureau will be focused on simplicity, practicality and most importantly, ease of implementation and continued usage of systems for your business.

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